Lunch i cook porridge for my 8month old lo. I add organic rice, carrot, spinach n chick. She eat all. Just 10 min ago, she poo, when i see her poo. I can see a dit of her carrots n spinach like string. Is that normal. Please advice.

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Hi there, yes it is normal. Even if u were to add lesser ingredients, u may still find some of the food remanens in it. Only if the food is not digested and almost whatever was taken in was also pooped out and her stool frequency increase or there is discomfort then there may be a case of intolerance

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Yes its normal. Babies digestive system is not mature enough yet thus there maybe some strings lol. Best to puree the food or mash the food well. That can also help in digestion and prevent choking. :)

5y ago

thank you