Hi, what kind of fish should I buy to cook porridge for my 7 months? Can LO eat pork?Any part of pork or only certain part? Must I buy baby rice or can I use normal rice? What should I add in when cooking other then their meal ingredient like fish and pork. Must I add veg? Carrot? Can I on the pot of porridge to boil for the second feeding instead of putting it inside fridge?

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I started with threadfin, then slowly introduced codfish n salmon. I used organic rice but normal rice is fine too. I add spinach and carrots, sometimes pumpkin. cooked in a slow cooker for lunch and dinner. for the spinach, i only put the lunch portion in at 1 side. when lunch time i take that portion out. the balance i keep for dinner. when it's dinner time, throw in the balance spinach then heat up again.

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Hi. Thread fin and salmon are good! Can eat pork too. I just use normal rice. And slow cook it. By the time baby eat it, it will be v soft and easy to swallow. I would add in veg too. E.g. salmon and spinach porridge. For 2nd feed I usually let it rest inside the slow cooker and 1 hour before his meal time I will heat it up again.

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i buy threadfin and salmon! pork i use lean meat and get them to mince it twice. i use normal rice. some mummies prefer japanese rice. veggies you can try carrot,pumpkin,brocoli too

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Hi... I used dory fish and used normal rice to cook porridge

Cod, white fish Any pork Normally the leaner parts

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I did with salmon or threadfin

Pumpkin porridge