Epidural side effects

Hello, can I just check mummies that took epidural, what are the possible short and long term side effects? Was told by the anesthetist there would be symptoms like tremors, vomiting. But just wondering any other possible long term effects that anyone experienced. TIA!

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short term: 1. shivered the whole contraction period (but idk if room cold or what hahah) 2. vomited everything i drank right after i delivered (x2, in labour room and in ward) long term: 1. the back pain is real 😬 i mean if you dont do much, its bearable. but if you do alot bending and strenuous activity, it could make you ouch 2. my left pelvic and leg numb/pain(?) causing weakness there. I was put on 2 epidurals (back and walking ones due to spinal cord issues) hence i think the side effect affects more than just back pain. after all, its not that bad la. all pain is still manageable, unlike labour pain 😂 hehe

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I experience vomiting. Vomited immediately after I gave birth hence I did not get the chance to do skin to skin with baby. 😔The nurses warned me beforehand though.. That I shouldn't eat too much but I just eat. About the long term side effects, people say epidural causes backache but I think it is an old wives tale. My mother never take epidural also complain about backache. I think the backache is due to the bad posture when handling baby and did not get enough rest during confinement etc.

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Immediate was shivering. V v v slight nausea for me. Then I had numbness in my left hind sole for about 1-1.5 months and then it went away. Long term maybe lower back pain but tbh, I don’t know whether to attribute that to pregnancy (carrying that weight for so long), epidural or caregiving for baby (bending over to change diapers, bathe bb, pick up baby, and carrying baby etc)

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I have 2 months straight backache problem. My backbone extremely pain, can barely get up from bed. Cannot stand too long etc. The side effect last for like a month or so. It will heal but took a very very slow time to heal. My daughter now almost 3 months, so far I'm ok now... just left a bit of side effects

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Vomited immediately after birth and had slight fever but all is well after few hours. Also, my tailbone was in pain and had discomfort feeling. Probably cos of the epidural and also sit/lie down for too long during labour and after birth. But thank god the pain went away after 2 months or so.

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For me short term was shivering ( I think it’s cz op theatre was Super cold n i had IV too ) n vomiting , though I wasn’t able to vomit out anything. I was given enema to clear my tummy. Long term- lower back pain if I stand for long n also if I sit down n get up after a while.

First time not much side effects other than abit of shivering. Second time I vomited shortly after delivery and was told that's normal. Other than that nothing unusual other than back pain but I think that's more attributed to me bending down to pick up baby often.

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I've had a walking epidural which isn't as strong as the normal ones. I've had itches all the way until labor then shivering. That's all. I can walk because it's kind of weak

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Shiver, vomit a couple of times and slight migraine. Other than that, no other long term side effects. However everyone is different, please bear this in mind. Good luck!

Short term effects would be numbness. I think the side effects also depends on individual to individual as many people don't get any side effects after taking epidural