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Hi all. I bought Be Free pumps. I'm 90% EP mum and latch as and when I can. My baby is 2 wks old. i supplement FM but most of the time he drinks my EBM. My yield is around 70-120ml per pump. I try to pump 3-4 hrly. I just feel that Be Free pumps doesnt really clear my breasts. I was thinking to get a spare pump that is portable so I can use it alternately with my Be Free. should i get Real Bubee (heard its lifespan not that long cos cheap), Spectra 9+ or other pumps that u ladies can recommend me? And if possible, doesnt use up too much battery so i dont need to keep charging. thank youuuu

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I had both s9+ n s1. tried medala in hospital too. I still prefer to use s9+ coz its so light. u can try lactation cookies, supplment and drink more water to improve your yield...

Spectra s1+ you just can use be free when you really have lots of milk. This time you need to feed baby and after feeding you must use machine to clear until no more milk

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can check out pumpables! really portable pump for on the go and i use S1 for at home. also lactation hot chocolate from @hazel.bcmama to boost your yield!

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its quite good! suction quite strong and i receive 3 different size flanges so can choose which one fits u. but im not sure if the packaging the same

loveamme tailormade pro or loveamme made to travel

I love my S9..☺️


S1 is good