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Anybody using real bubee breast pumps? Not sure if I’ll be able to produce breast milk after giving birth so didnt want to waste money to invest in exp brands like medela or spectra. Thinking of buying a cheaper breast pump like real bubee but isit really good??

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I have both spectra s1 and real bubee and i have to say for the price it’s really a good purchase, and it seems to give me a similar amount of milk produced compared to S1. But downside is that it’s quite noisy and doesnt have a timer so you need to manually time your pumping. But tbh v hard to compare both - for eg if you use real bubee and dont see enough milk produced you might think it’s a milk production problem but maybe it’s just that you need a (better) hospital grade pump. Can consider getting cheaper ones off q10 (new) or carousell (used)? Parts can be repurchased easily.

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I have both spectra S1 and real bubee. I feel real bubee is not bad considering the price tag and it helps me to produce the same amount of milk I would've produced using spectra S1. However I prefer spectra S1 as it is hospital grade. For real bubee, I only use it if I am out and about and needs to pump. It is more compact to carry around.

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Im using real bubbee and spectra. Both are okay but real bubbee needs to time on your own. Other than that both works the same. I will only use real bubbee when im going out and spectra is for home use.

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I have S1 and Real Bubee. Both work but S1 is stronger. That said, it is also much bigger so I leave it in my office and bring the Real Bubee around in case I need to pump.

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Yes, using Philips avent a my main pump and real bubee as the one for work. Real bubee has cheap parts that are easy to replace and buy spares for.

I bought spectra s1 and real bubee. I prefer spectra because it allows me to change vacuum level and cycle. It feels more comfortable for me.

Can try buying. I bought a cheap pump too, glad i did so cos i couldnt produce milk. So didnt really waste money 😂

I prefer spectra