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Hi may I ask who among u here live with their husband adult daughter let's say 22, do u get along with them well? I mean I stay with my hubby children both big enough to take care of themselves but my hubby pamper them like crazy, I don't want to get jealous about it but Everytime my hubby always talk about her daughter this and that I mean every single conversation we have will always bring up her daughter name like his daughter like this, and that that he will say that her daughter already seen it n knows everything whenever I try to say something, I mean sometimes it's v. Pissing so what I do I start to not go with my hubby often think he much more like his daughter company than me, since I have a baby it's like his daughter is the one who gave birth to my son, I mean I have been so patient with them for so long but I can't live with them like everyday I live with them, I feel anxiety but of course my husband won't allow It,I only want peace of mind Sorry too rant here but got nothing else to talk to

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i tried hard to make them like me I guess it's really obvious from the start that they don't, I already gave up a long time ago and maybe living separately with them is best for our peace of mind 😔 if I tell that to my hubby he will say I am against them too tired of this they r too clingy

Hi i understand your frustration, have you try talk it out with your husband and bond with your step daughters too? If not, maybe try doing it to see a different perspective of life. Communication is important. I may not able to fit in your shoe but im here to listen if u wanna rant.