I always panic when my baby is not feeling well. Can you share some tips on how to stay calm when this situation happens?

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It is okay to feel panic when baby is not feeling well. I do panic when mine is sick too but I always tell myself that this is the time baby needed me the most so I have to be calm. Do not attempt to google the symptoms online as it will just pile on to the worries you already had. Most likely you will end up with a serious condition when it is just something minor. Bring baby to the doctor as you deem fit. Monitor baby and let the doctor know so that he can have a better diagnosis. Nobody understands how unwell is your baby other than you.

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It is very normal for you to feel panic when baby is not well as we heard too many horror stories about different kinds of illness that leads to major impacts on children. For me, my kids are 6 and 2.5 years old and I still feel very panic whenever they got fever and sick. You can try to monitor closely each time when they are sick or bring them to PD if you feel uneasy.

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this is a sign of a responsible parent, but don’t let it frighten you too much. understand that feeling unwell is part of life and also part of growing up, although easier said than done.

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It’s normal to have the reaction. I was panic when my baby get sick too. Experience will ease your anxiety

It's my second child and I still act the same way just panic