Almost NSVD to STAT CS

Hello! I already gave birth last 17 Dec 2020 to a healthy bouncing 3.4kg, 56cms baby boy.. 😊 Here's my story.. πŸ˜… 17 Dec 2020 at 1am I was admitted at a private hosp due to intense labor pain (actually, i was assuming that its labor pain coz im already 39weeks) but upon IE, 1cm pa lang, pero may pain scale was at 6-7 over 10. πŸ˜… So, ayun na nga, nag tuloy2 and my OB decided na iadmit na ako for monitoring and that time I was also having fever. They considered intra amniotic infection (pero d pa pumuputok panubigan ko nun) at 4am I was already at the labor room and they started me on buscopan 3doses.. Pag IE skn at around 9am, from 1cm to 6cm na agad.. Ambilis! πŸ˜… So, ako mejo mataas pain tolerance ko, nag walking2 pa ako around labor room para mabilis bumaba c baby at mag open cervix ko. After 1hour, hnd ko na kaya ung pain, pag ie skn 7cm na ako.. So I asked for pain reliever and they already placed me on delivery table.. They also started me on oxytocin drip. After 30mins fully dilated na cervix ko pero c baby antaas pa. 😏 But my OB gave the signal to push na kasi nagwawala na ako sa sobrang sakit at taeng tae na ako, gusto ko na ilabas.. πŸ˜… After how many push, exhausted na ako, c baby d pa din bumababa and his heart beat was getting low.. So I ended up STAT CS.. πŸ˜… Haha! Ung nag labor ka hanggang 10cm, nag push ka pa, tapos ending CS din? Haha doble ung hirap mo but IT WAS ALL WORTH IT! ❀️ my little SONshine just right in time for Christmas! 😍😊#firstbaby #1stimemom

Almost NSVD to STAT CS
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me too.. umabot ng 10 cm, then humihina heartbeat ang ending cs din.. after ma cs.. sinabi ni ob na cordcoil.. kaya pala .. pero worth it naman talaga 😊😊πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

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