Hi all, need advice. My son is 5 days old. Before discharge from hospital his jaundice was only 6. Doc said is v mild only but it may rise. No follow up for jaundice was given by doc. Today is 3rd day after discharge from hospital. & I noticed he looks more & more yellowish... v worried. what should I do?? How to know if his jaundice shoots up n needs to be under photo therapy?

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You can bring to baby to check his jaundice level at polyclinic every alternate days if you are worry. If serum bilirubin level over 255 μmol/l (15 mg/dL), polyclinic will refer you to the hospital for phototheraphy treatment. If if is below the limit, you don't have to worry. For breastfeed baby the level tends to drop slower. My no.1 took 2 months to totally clear the jaundice because it was due to breastfeeding jaundice. PD ordered a liver test for her to make sure there is nothing wrong with the liver.http://sg.theasianparent.com/help-my-baby-has-jaundice/

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Hi my 3 Weeks Old Baby also referred by polyclinic at KKH for liver check tomorrow , and I'm totally worried a lot... May i know how did it go after your son had liver check and what did they say about it? It will be helpful if I may know from u thank u so much

first of all let her get indirect sunlight (before 10 am n post 4 pm) on her naval. Also take her to any good lab and get her blood test done immediately. have a discussion with pediatrician beforehand and work as per his suggestions. good luck

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Your son will have to take his immunisations at either a PD or a polyclinic. Over there, they will monitor his jaundice level and advise you accordingly. For me, I just continued breastfeeding and her jaundice level went down.

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Have you got any PD? Or you can also quickly book polyclinic visit, need to be cure. I sun him in the house (safe area) during morning sunlight, very mild for 5-10 mins a day.

my first born had it..just put baby in as much sun as possible..