i am sick and taking med. baby movement getting lesser and not as active as b4

I am 29 weeks. I always feel my baby v active throughout the day. But now i have been coughing for a few days and taking med given by GP. i noticed baby is not as active as b4. Is my condition or med affecting the movement ? Is it normal?

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Thank you all for your reply.... I didnt feel much movement ytd (except the hiccup), as in no 10 movements in 1 hour. The movement slowly decreased the day when i started to take med. Usually she is active after my meal, or 8pm onwards. And i also tried to drink some sweet and cold drink, sweet snacks, it also doesnt work. I never took my med for the whole day ytd. Then, i finally feel the movement getting more ard 12am... i think it could be the med make baby drowsy, despite the med is non-drowsy. Cos i also feel lethargy when having med.

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I am sure your GP had prescribe medication safe for pregnancy use. Do you recall any activities that could make baby active? My baby used to be more active when I eat something sweet , when I watch tv or sleep flat on the bed.

It's like that. I got viral when I was 6 months pregnant. I got pregnancy safe medications from gp. I notice baby movement was less active when I took the medicines. Guess the medication make baby drowsy as well.

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Yes this is true for me as well when i was pregnant and took meds :) baby was less active but its okay. Nothing to worry about i feel as the meds are safe.

Maybe baby changed his active time! I noticed my baby was less active for a few days and was worried. Turns out he decided that morning is more fun! Maybe can try to observe and see if this is the case? :)

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Pregnancy safe meds wont affect baby. As baby grows, the movement can be lesser too. You can do kick counts at the same time each day, if it's really a concern then do talk to your gynae

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I realised that sometimes when we sick or very tired, baby movement will decreased, i will monitor again a day later and baby will be active again :)

Check with ur gyane better.