Baby bump 22 weeks

I am 22 weeks now. But I feel that my baby bump is small? What do you think guys?

Baby bump 22 weeks
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your baby bump is beautiful! don’t let the size of your bump affect you cause it varies with every woman

Size of bump does not have anything to do with baby’s health. Don’t worry abt it ☺️

Don’t worry about bump sizes! Every woman is different.

Hi, Please don't worry about the bump size as it really depends on the individual. As long as you and the baby is healthy it is fine :)

dnt worry.. individual ..mine 37wk look like 4mth preggy

dun worry abt bump size.... as long as ur gynae says bb size is normal when they scan its ok bump onli started to really grow when i was 32weeks....

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Yes. It looks great and normal to me.

Your 22 weeks bump is like my 8months bump cause I'm quite petit. But dont worry about it. Bump size dont matter much on baby size.

yours look bigger than mine, my bump only show after 7 months

Bump size doesn't matter! Mine was even smaller when I was about to deliver.