baby nest for newborn

hye.. may i know it is worth to buy baby nest for your newborn as it only can be use up to 6 months. i just buy stroller and think should or not to buy a baby nest?

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Tulis jawapan

I've bought it recently at shopee... Worth my money... Just rm 70... Then I can save my salary about 50 to 100 a month to buy stroller .. U know, this baby nest is the best for babies...

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2y ago

Sy da comment kt post awa yea nme seller tu

un necessary for me . i even buy a portable baby coat but never used due to baby breastfeeding so he never want to sleep by himself but stroller is really useful

baby nest is such a waste. they will use for a short period only. better buy baby mattress once they will start rolling 😁

No need... Just buy the regular one.. I buy pattern patch work.. Owl.. 😘 😘 Just love the pattern..

I just bought baby nest at tcebaby expo..dont know if worth or not.. My due date on july..

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baby nest is just waste of money. buy thin mattress n thick mattress which fit to baby cot instead

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not to baby fit in it only for few month & she dont want to stay on it after that

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Baby nest is fucking best way for babies 6month + Kinda do whtsapp me

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Not for me. Baby doesn't even want to sleep by herself. 😂

Myb u can consider bby or kids comforter..