Mommy need help. Sorry for long post

My husband just told me that he want to have xmas open house. I know it is waaayyy long to go but i have anxiety. Its kicking in damn hard. My inlaws played a huge part in my PPD as i was in confinement at their house (i have no parents). Ever since then, i have been fighting within me everytime we visit them. My husband doesnt understand how this is effecting me mentally even though i have tried explaining many times. Can anyone advise me? I have no one to talk to.
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Can we know what's wrong with them?
My mil refused to accept my son as her 2nd grandson. She told visitors.. its 3rd persons child. No one assisted me on taking care of him as im a ftm. As i was told, we forgot about caring for baby. Every visitor was told i lack of milk supply. She told my husband that she dont like my son and she always prefer the 1st grandson (my sil son). 3rd day of confinement, i was given pizza to eat cause she tired of cooking for me. Confinement lady wasnt hired as she told my husband she can cook. I wish i had pictures of the food she prepared. I was given half cooked chicken kicap, white rice with salted fish etc. I can go on and on