Husband bonding with baby

Husband keeps saying our LO dont like him, as she would sometimes cry when he feeds her or when he tries to comfort her. How? He also gets very unhappy when people take her away from him when he tries to soothe her. Sigh! I kept telling him not to think that way. But I don’t want him to feel like that...

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Super Mum

Babies cry for many reasons, and take time to learn to be comforted. They only have one mode of communication - crying. Heh. So it’s not that baby doesn’t like him. It just takes time. It may be easier for mummy to comfort baby because of the familiarity. But try not to take baby away from your husband as soon as baby cries? Give him at least 15 minutes to try to comfort baby. He can change his holding pattern, talk to baby, play with baby, and get baby familiar with him. This helps everyone in the long run too:) My husband used to have difficulty in calming my baby when she was younger too, even though he was super hands on. He just persisted, and my daughters love him sooooo much.

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