My husband and I have been respecting the decision or request made by our firstborn (she is 4 years old) since young. As we noticed those lessons (ballet, pony riding, wushu class) that she requested by herself, she will put in her utmost effort and do it all by herself without us having to remind her at all. To both my husband and myself, we are not so much into academic or survival skill; we feel that by developing her talents (her purpose in life) she might excel or be even more successful in life. However, we were told otherwise that we should only invest her time in "surviving activities" like swimming, music class, "I can read" or special class that start them on the right foot for better grades, etc. I don't feel like forcing her and mould her into a "standard" child but worry my decision might cause her left behind in the future when she starts schooling. Hope the mommies and daddies here can share with me on some good advice.

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Hello! My sentiments really! Nurturing her what she is most interested in and she will do it well. I'm sure by now she is already showing sense of responsibility, commitment, discipline, and all those positive attributes. Isn't that life surviving skills? Just to share with you. My then 3years old went for a free trial to a very reputable Enrichment Academy and was told by a Sales Representive that she will not be able to read when she goes to Primary 1 as she is unable to start reading at 3years old. I felt like blowing my top. I was like, SHE IS ONLY 3. Imagine ourselves when we were only 3 years old? What did we do? My advise is just don't fall trap in this rat race and you are the mummy and do what is most benificial for your child n family. If you think you have to start educating her for swimming because its important for her life than do so and not because some other person told you she needs to otherwise she will loose out. Hang in there yah☺

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It is your child and whatever she wants and is interested in, you should honour. If you feel that your daughter's future interests will be better served with the lessons you've mentioned above, why not? Why should we bend to the status quo? Who knows, your child might have a unique skill. In my opinion, as long you've equipped her with the basic skills (which is what mainstream school will assist in), everything else is fair game. I reckon there is no such thing as "surviving activities". There are different ways to harness your child's skills and development and it shouldn't just be confined to the traditional ones.

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7y ago

Thanks!! I feel the same as you too. But start to wondering and can't help to feel worry when I notice all the kids around me are taking the standard "surviving skill" like Swimming, music, language class etc.

I think it's great what you and your husband are doing! It encourages your child to explore her interests. I personally feel that it is more important that a child enjoys what he/she is learning, than to be forced to learn what she "should" be learning (haha.. we have our schools for that!). I highly doubt that she will be left behind. She probably cultivated a great habit of learning from being able to explore her interests. This will probably equip her with the necessary skills to learn what she need to in school when the time comes. Just my two cents. :)

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Spot on. Help her find her purpose in life. Ken Robinson wrote a really good book about purpose in life called The Element. Or watch his TED talk on YouTube. It's a fantastic talk.