My husband had a mistress and he got her pregnant. Anybody here had the same case? How did you deal with it?

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My question to you is "do you have ur own child/children? Have. Then have to discuss with hubby what is his decision. Whether or nt, have to think of ur kid(s) and ur future. If you intend to go separate ways, would u be able to handle the stress and finance, also raising up the kids. Don hav. Also have to discuss with hubby. And if you leave hubby, u hav nth to lose. You still hav a bright future. You can find ur better ones in future and live on well. Whatever it is, go with the peace in ur heart, we can only suggest to you. Ultimately, you know what is best for yourself. :) Jiayou!

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sorry to heard wad u have gone thru. i once having this problem with my ex husband too. u will need to sit dwn and talk to him or even ur mil. i did that. i asked my ex mil wad if that gal is preggy too? den how about mi and my kids. u have to plan everthing. u have to see wad ur husband gonna do too. its not easy. u gonna stay strong dwn the rd esp if u have children urself.

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After all a child is innocent. But i won't want him to feed that child, If he insist of raising that child, then i will go my own way away from him

5y ago

If the child is born.. He will have to feed him whether you like it or not because it is the law of this land.

How did u find out? If it was reveal by hb, I would ask him about his decision b4 deciding wat to do

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If hubby admitted himself, ask him what is he gg to do. If u discover urself, confront him.

My question would be did you know of the mistress in the first place?