As my husband is growing older, he is growing more and more sensitive. He is a good man, and a good son, but he always feels guilty and doesn't even say anything to his parents even when they are wrong, which is why we as a family have to go through many inconveniences. Just because we and my in-laws do not stay in same city, he tries to make up for that by giving in to whatever right or wrong they say. How do I make my husband come out of this thought process so that we can lead a peaceful life?

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i think as he is growing older he feels that his parents are growing older too, and hence he is getting more emotional. this is a tough spot to be in, as whatever you say can be taken in the wrong sense by him. i think you will have to ignore certain things as long as his parents are not directly insulting you or making things difficult for you. if he gives in to their wishes, as long as it does not harm your immediate family, then i feel you can let it go. if it does affect, then please talk to him and tell him why you are getting concerned and how you think it can be taken care of.

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