Both of my kids just recovered and now my husband is sick which is expected. I told my husband to stop vaping for awhile because it makes him even more sick. He just doesn't freaking care. He vapes and vapes then now he's really sick and i have to be the one to take care of both of my kids cos my husband cant be near then. He knows vaping is going to make him worst but he's damn ignorant about it. He always tells me about common sense but this one got common sense meh?!?!?!?!?!?! The only person who have yet to get sick is me Then now i showed him that in frustrated and he thinks i anyhow want to scold him. I told him COUNTLESS OF TIMES TO STOP VAPING BECAUSE IT MAKES HIM WORST. Whose fault is this????

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Hmm no one is wrong nor right here. I used to be a smoker (also vape) before I was pregnant. Maybe instead of telling him not to, persuade him nicely to slowly quit? Reduce the intake day by day. Not for the sake of himself, but also for the sake of the kids since they are the ones inhaling the second hand smoke. There’s really no point telling a smoker how much harm can nicotine do to their body 😅 Afterall, the choice is theirs. I managed to quit immediately as I feel nauseous smelling the smoke. For my husband (smoking for 20 years), I told him to try quitting for the sake of baby, hard but he managed to reduce day by day and resist himself from buying the refill pods. He managed to quit before baby is out. Before I was pregnant, regardless of how I ask him to quit together, he will just tell me ok and forgot all about it. I know how frustrated you are when the only help is down and you have to take care of the kids all alone. My husband gets sick all year round while I barely fall sick.. So I ended up needing to care for my baby, husband and 2 dogs. Hang in there mama! 💪🏻

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