How do you tell your mom-in-law that you're not a believer and follower of superstitions as regards parenting?

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For me, I would just smile it off or if I have the temperament for it (usually I don't) I'd humour her and ask her for a further explanation for the superstition. I don't have to follow anything, just politely listen and usually that's enough. I realise that if I argue or try to reason with older folk who are superstitious, it never ends.

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I honor you, i respect you but in all honesty, i really don't believe and follow superstitious beliefs. That's it, straight to the point. But of course, be ready for the reaction and choose not to get into trouble with them no matter what.

I don't really comment if I don't agree with my MIL's suggestions/remarks. I just smile and listen. Then I will tell my husband. If ever my MIL will bring up the topic again, my husband will handle the explanation.

Maybe you can politely tell the truth. Just don't forget to explain why. Or maybe telling her that this particular thing has been advised not by your kid's pedia.

You can use the sandwhich formula. Appreciate them first then tell the issue in a loving manner then appreciate them again.