Strangers Touching Baby

How do we tell nicely if someone (aunties/uncles) to not touch our baby too often?

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1st u need prepare the sanitizer n buy it...then every uncles or aunties want to touch it ,Ask both of them use sanitizer if want to touch the bby... Confirm..both of them dont want to touch it.. 😂😂😂coz lazy to use the sanitizer and say leceh la to use it if want to touch bby need to do it ...often use automatically dont want to touch.. hehehe😂😂😂😂✌

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Also can. But depend ..sometimes atuk nenek can accept it if want to use the sanitizer. Sometimes got atuk nenek will argue why we need to use sanitizer and compare the life now +b4 from both of them experience and say org dlu2 xpakai sanitizer ok je sht je ank nya.zmn skrng mcm2 plak nak kena pkai and say leceh😂but u can try it how...fightimm✊✊🔥

buat mcm makcik sy..dy mmg tk bg org pgg anak dy. org mntk pn dy buat tk tau je. bila anak tu tk biasa dgn org lain automatik dy tknk dgn sesape selain mak dy. bnyk meragam org pn tknk usik. sampaikn pandang je pn bdk tu dh melalak. leceh jgk la bila anak clingy 24jam. tp bila dh bsr sikit ni ok meragam dh sbb dy nk berkawan.

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keep telling him or her to wash their hand first before touching your baby. so that, they will annoyed and did not always touch your baby 😂😂😂

Wah nice tpics Follow post Because i also wanted the tips for this coming week