How it is to be a single mom? I want to have a child with the man I love though I know he would not take responsibility for the child. Will this be easy, will this be difficult?..Any single moms with similar experiences or have other's experiences to share?

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I would have find it difficult financially but more importantly it's the emotional support given, unless there is strong family support given. I initially wanted to be a single mum but without having a family, living alone in a rented room and I don't have any family members, it's going to be so hard. After many many decisions making and discussions with my partner, we both felt that having a family is crucial for baby. It took a lot of courage to move along and realignment in our lifestyle. Thankfully his side of family is supportive and offers help in caring for the baby. No matter what, if you have decided, start making plans on how you can manage financially and how your family can help you. I won't say it's gonna be a walk in the park. There will be nites where you feel alone and need someone to give you comfort.

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