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Do daddy have childcare leave entitlement? I m a single mummy with sole custody. I would like to know? How will the child's father company know if he gets or not?

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The company wouldn't know if he didn't inform the company. If he did tell them, during the childcare leave claim, he need to provide child's birth certificate too for verification. Well, the Government's portal would automatically match the details like his name if stated on the birth certificate etc..

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Yes Under MOM rules there is a minimum leave for fathers - refer MOM website for that. Some companies provide additional leaves which the company can share.

Hi, Best is to check with the HR of the company about the policies and procedures as it varies from company to company

Depend on company policy and if the child is register under dependent. Better to check against mom too

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Hi... dads get child care leave too but different companies have different procedures.

You would have to check in the his company and the policies there

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I think fathers are also entitled. Maybe you check with MOM?

Not too sure abt this.. i think usually only mom?

Yes daddy have child care leave too