how often your kids get fever, followed by flu, cough etc. Mine, 5 plus, seems to be falling sick these few months. Almost every month. how to boost their immune?

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Hi, my baby (15 months) and my boy (5 years old) now, they actually fell sick (fever, flu and cough) quick often when I enrolled them to childcare and infant care. I took a lot of leave for that period. Very stressful on their health condition and on my work too. Somehow, I managed to get essential oils sample to try out. I used the oils everyday, apply the On Guard essential oil twice per day. Eventually, I can see that both of their immunity system getting stronger. Even if they sick, could recover very fast. The results really amazed me! Both of them are well now, no sick for months already... Healthy babies, happy mummy! You could contact me if you want to know more about the oils yar! :)

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You can try giving supplements to your child. Kids at this age fall sick easily. It gets better as they grow older(:

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Hi... try to give your child cod liver oil every morning. It will boost his/her immune system


Try giving Sambucol. It's an immunity booster

Take immunped

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Try biogaia ?

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