How often do you and mum-in-law spend alone time? What activities do you carry out to create a bond?

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My mother in law lives with us for a couple of months until she has to get her work done and after that she will purposly start fighting and leave the house. This is the second time I am pregnant and both the time she fought with my husband for some other reasons and left the house but she never even had courtesy to call me and ask me about my health. My first baby past away when she was 6days in the hospital as she was born premature ,my mother in law didn't even come to see her for the last time. And now also she knew that I am pregnant still I used to do so much work for her and she didn't even bother and fought with my husband again and left. I hate my mother in law so much now that I won't ever talk to her ever after this

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3y ago

I'm really sorry to hear that I'm guessing ur Indian like me and sometimes mothering in laws can be tough but never shut the door completely remember she has to have something good bout her she raised your husband who I'm hoping is a Great person. So she can't be all bad. Try to forgive and forget and never forget do things for others without wanting anything in return and you will find ur life will be alot more easy and stress free, people then also can't disappoint you as u didn't expect anything from them in the first place. I hope this helps

Do you call your mom in law by her name of do you call her "mom"? I called my mother in law "mom" and that makes a bit of a different. As when I called her mom, it makes me understand her better. But then again, my mother in law is a pretty cool and kind lady. We bonded over food that I cooked, we went for spa together, traveling together. We frequently get our parents to come with us for traveling. That has helped to build the relationship. I have nothing to complain about my MIL and PIL. They are just simply wonderful.

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(Technically not mother-in-law 'cause we haven't tied the knot - yet!) But when I got the chance to bond with her when able to visit from Japan, we see ourselves indulging over "halo-halo" and other local dishes that she miss. Also just recently, we spent most of the hours she got here catching up about what happened to his son here and her family there and my delivery with her granddaughter. And lastly, sharing over Japanese face masks that were really good and made us doze off immediately. ;)

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I lived with my in-laws for at least 2 years before we moved out. My hubby can proudly brag to his friends that his mom and his wife have no issues together. Of course, we have our conflicts and disagreements but we just give in here and there. We don't exactly have "alone" time when there's always my kids or helper or someone else around. I feel that by living together, you will naturally build some bond.

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I have not made it a habit to spend time alone with my mother-in-law. Of the few occasions I did, we spent the time preparing food for the rest of the family. I've made dumplings and CNY goodies together with her. There was once when we were alone and she was clearing some old stuff. She started showing me photos and telling me about how it was like bringing her children up etc.

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Whenever I visit my in-laws or they are with me, she often spends most of her time pinpointing things she doesn't like about me. With my husband too she has elaborate sessions about me not this way or that. So, whatever time we both are alone, I like to interact the least. We have a one way conversation, where I listen to her as how things should be done.

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Not that much these days and honestly it's because she has gotten rather pushy with certain things especially regarding my relationship with her son. To avoid putting my partner in a difficult situation or me being upset, I tend to stay away and if I do see her, it's in large family or group settings.

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I don't have a mother in law since she had passed on about 20 years ago but his aunties were the ones that were like his mother figure. I haven't honestly spent much time with them either but they do have fanily gatherings and I try to make an effort to make small talks with them whenever I can.

The only time i spend lone time with her is when she needs my assistance to dye her hair. Lol. Most of the time we wont be lone time, as my kids will stick to me so much, no more lone time with her. If i have time, i will be with my handphone surfing.

When my mum-in-law was alive (she's passed on a few years back), we used to bake together. I would like to try out new recipes, and she would want to just do what she liked- so it was a blast trying to get her to be experimental with new things.