How often do you allow your child to eat cake?

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My health conscious friend only allows her child to have cake during holidays like Easter, Christmas and his birthday. I've seen how hyper her little boy gets with some icing and cake in his system so I understand perfectly why she limits his cake intake to special occasions. She also said that at these special days/events, there are more adults around who can tend to the child's sudden energy burst so she does not feel too frazzled.

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It's fine for kids to eat cake once in a while. It is a sweet indulgence for them and one that almost all kids are fond off. Moreover, how much can you monitor them? No matter how much you keep them away from cake at home, they will end up eating some at a friend's birthday party. I don't think it should be a big problem as long as your child rinses his mouth nicely whenever he eats cake or any other sweet treat :)

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My sister lets her child eat cakes and sweets on special occasions, of course, but also occasionally during her snack time --- but only during snack time. This way, she doesn't go too crazy when a cake finally comes along and she'll eat so much of it. What's more important than "when" is "how much" so my niece knows that she can eat it sometimes but she can't have too much of it or else she'll get sick.

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My cousin will share some with her child whenever she has a slice. But my cousin hardly eats cake, which means her baby seldom got the chance to sample as well. Usually only during birthday celebrations so an estimate would be once every one or two months.

I'll let him eat cakes whenever he request or birthday celebrations. Im not a health freak so usually I let it go and let it be. let them have fun with cakes!

One doesn't make cake everyday nor does one order, so once in a while whenever we get the cake we allow her to have a piece, and a bigger one at that. :)

I only let my children eat cakes during birthday celebration or special occasions. Actually they also not fancy about cakes and seldom ask for cakes.

I started to let my daughter eat cake when she turn to 3 years old and I don't allow her to eat often. We will only eat when we go out together.

I very seldom let my boy eat cake unless its birthday parties or special events. And he only ate his first cake when he was 2 years old