Do you let your kids eat Ice cream?

How often? We do it every Sunday #icecream #sunday #snacks #toddlers 🌈

Do you let your kids eat Ice cream?
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Nothing wrong with your question, ice cream is okay! but i don't understand why you parent uploaded photos of your child online. Don't forget about their privacy it is important to keep them safe from pedophile or bad people. Did you ask your child consent to upload their photos online?

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She's the parent, she decides what's best for her child. Btw you have a beautiful daughter. Also, rmb, under the age of 16 even if a child consents, it's still invalid.

Tat's the main reason behind conflicts with in laws! I would think ice cream is fine occasionally like once every 2 weeks but in laws use ice cream to bribe them to eat dinner so they are having it like 3x per week. Really hate tat!!

Maybe just once a week. They super love it, though! This week we went to the Magnum shop where they get to select their toppings! Yummmm

If course. If you don’t eat ice cream in childhood, when will you? 😊 my kids have ice cream at least 2 times in a month.

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She is now onli 21mths but when I eat a ice cream jst let her TATSE a bit by a lick or licks fm her tat's all

Once in a while hahahah but I will let them eat mini ice creams, like the mini cornettos hahaha

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Sure, why not? Maybe once every 2-3 weeks. We don’t really keep sweets at home.

We eat at my parents once a week. They serve ice cream occasionally

Yes! But i would usually encourage the fruity ones :)


Only as a reward for a job well done 👍🏻