How often did you bathe your newborn? Do you need to wash their hair with shampoo at each bath time?

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Bathe every morning and wipe down in the evening. I will still wash their hair every morning unless it's raining and cold that particular morning.

twice a day..its important to keep the newborn clean especially wash their private area as usually we use wet wipes ✌️

Once a day at 1st month and after that 2x a day. My bb has a lot of hair so I use baby shampoo every time

I didn't bathe my newborn. I use a warm cloth and wipe him down. Because I was scared to shower him.

for me, twice a day, morning and night time (5pm) only.. and yes i used baby shampoo wash his hair:)

I waited a couple of days to shampoo my baby’s head. But once a day is fine to do

Once a day lang po. Johnson baby soap ang gamit ko pati sa buhok niya

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Twice a day. Only morning first bath using shampoo to wash lo hair.

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