Bath time for 18mo

Hi mummies how do you bathe your kids and shampoo their hair? The water always gets in my daughter’s eyes and she’s scared. What can I do to make it better ? She’s 18mo

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Super Mum

My son doesn’t like water on his face too. I get him to tilt his head back when I wash his hair so that water won’t get on his face. Hair salon style! 😅 Then I use a separate wash cloth to clean his face.

4mo ago

I tried to get her to tilt back and she resisted and tries forward ! 🤪

Use a fragrance-free and tear-free option for your shampoo.

4mo ago

Haha 🤣 maybe she'll get used to it soon. Is her eyes getting red after bath? Maybe there is something with the water. Consider a lukewarm bath also if you have not tried that yet.