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How much do yall gain during pregnancy? Im so worried. I was in the midst of losing weight when I found out that Im pregnant. Im 155cm, 75kg & 9weeks plus pregnant.

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In my first trimester, i didnt gain any weight at all! so i checked with my doctor and she mentioned so long as you dont lose too much weight, it's fine! Dont worry! And stop weighing yourself on the machine as it'll make you more stressful. Just be happy and try not to skip any meals.

I'm the same height as you. I lost weight during my pregnancy bcause of prolonged nausea. I was 56kg before pregnancy and still 56kg till e end of my pregnancy😓 (2nd child). Now i'm pregnant with my 3rd. Weight before 56kg now at 14weeks i'm 53.8kg😩

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I gained 16kg in total but I wasn't restricting the amount I eat. My gynae says gaining 10-15kg is the typical range. In about 4 months after giving birth I lost 12kg. If you breastfeed the weight can go down quickly so don't worry so much

I’m 153cm, gained 13kg during pregnancy! I lost all of it + 5kg more by breastfeeding & solo parenting! Maybe it’ll be the same for you too? Just focus on your pregnancy n baby now, my friend! :)

The appropriate weight gain for pregnancy not minding the initial weight is 28+/- 3 pounds. In the first trimester is 1pound per month then 2nd - 3rd trimester 1pound each week.

You need to eat for the baby now so you may want to lose weight after your confinement . The weight gain during pregnancy could be due to the fluid so don’t get too panic.

There is a recommended weight gain per week calculator online.. check google. :) It will serve as a guide so you know if you are eating too little or too much

I was 53kg pre conception, then ended up 61kg at 37weeks 5day when I gave birth,I think I have lost some weight since 2months+ postpartum

I gained around 10 kg during my pregnancy though I had normal meals most of time, in addition to daily supplements. :)

I gain about 12kg. My gynae told me that a healthy weight gain for an average weight woman is roughly 11kg to 15kg.