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How much would you spend on a 15-year anniversary gift for you husband? #Budget #marriage #gifts

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I believe it's not about the price you spend on the gift but rather the sincerity and effort in choosing or making it. I prefer giving and receiving experiences rather than material items. Sentimental value can be attached to the cheapest items. If I had to choose a gift, I would buy him a holiday for 2 to Mauritius or Maldives so we can have some time to celebrate our anniversary. If I were to splurge, it would cost roughly $10,000 for two.

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$15k or more for a getaway to a foreign land like Venice! I think it's important for the both of you to spend some time together away from your kids (if you've kids) and just enjoy the fact that you've been married for 15 years. 15 years ain't short! Reminisce the time when you fell in love with him, what it was like to date such a handsome, charismatic, attractive man, the milestones you overcame together. :-) Like

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Money is usually not the issue, it's the thoughts that count. It can be as simple as a personalised mug which may cost less than $30 Alternatively, you can both go for a buffet treat to have couple time as well. Anything from any personalised gift is great. If budget permits, I think $500 is good enough. It's the understanding of each other that is more important than anything else.

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15th is crystal, right? Might be nice to get a decent set of crystal glassware and spend a weekend just drinking wine and whiskey! The catch is, you'll be drinking it in a cozy place outside the city or even in another country! Whichever you choose, the important part is making sure it's just the 2 of you celebrating the last decade and a half together. No distractions!

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If I am working, my budget for the gift will be 10k and I might be buying a couple watch. Since I am not working at this moment, I will just buy him a good dinner or less expensive stuff like belt, sunglasses and etc. I think the price doesn't matter for my husband as he is not fancy on expensive and branded items. He will appreciate the efforts I put in for him.

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I would save up and create a wonderful experience for him. While it would be wonderful to be unencumbered by financial realities, special occasions like this calls for much thought and planning. So if he wants to travel in style, I'll plan ahead to save up and make that a reality for both of us to experience together.

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Congratulations! That's quite a milestone! I agree with others who say it's not the amount that matters. I'd invest in coming up with a thoughtful meaningful experience than worry about the cost!


I agree. I wouldn't put a price on it. I vacation for just the two of you to reconnect will be an excellent experience. Even if doesn't cost much, the memories you make will be priceless

I have not reach 15th years yet but we did not spend much on the gift. I gave him anniversary card today while he forgot it! . so it has shown enough. :P

When is ur anniversary dear as tis year will be my 14yrs yrs wedding Anni... Wow looking bck being 2gether for tis much of years... Wonders