How much of cereal do u give to ur baby if ur baby loves to eat and without milk? Mine is currently taking juz cereal for breakfast, 3 scoops using those 30ml milk powder scoops.

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I give some milk then give some cereal with milk - as he don't drink much besides his 3 meals so I will incorporate milk in the morning and night cereal. I use the tablespoon tho - abt 1-2 scoop (breakfast) and 4-5 scoops (dinner) - depending on how much milk he drinks prior to that. I been feeding abt this amount since abt 8+ months

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5y ago

Ya. I oso feel tat milk intake is impt. Ok! Ur suggestion is gd! Thank u!!!

I will then try to sneak more milk into the baby's diet but having a more diluted cereal more milk to cereal. Alternatively maybe opt for milk based cereal like friso cereal

5y ago

Yup! Thinking of getting milk based cereal. Thanks!

I give baby as much as baby wants. Usually for my boy he will stop and turn away if he is full. And Continue with milk later.

5y ago

Ok. Now baby is infantcare, the teachers say they dun add milk to cereals... They juz add water to mix e cereal.. So they hv been giving juz cereal only.. I find it quite weird though..

It is possible. Because baby will have milk time later on. If baby is taking it okay, then let it be ba. =)

BTW I saw a post enquirying of tutor. Maybe you can advise. I tried tagging you but not sure how.

5y ago

No prob! Thanks for helping out Ling!

I give as much as baby want. I dun add milk to cereal too. Only water

Don't worry about it. Jiayo!