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Is it advisable to dilute milk powder? (Eg: 90 ml of water = 3 scoops of milk powder) can we put 100ml of water with 3 scoops of milk powder?

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If your baby doesn't shits out with 3 days then i advice you to change the milk powder as some milk powder is really heating that makes baby stomach pain, keep crying, fart alot ect and please dont dilute the milk powder as baby wont have enough nutrition and when it comes to not enough of nutrition also hard for baby to shits out

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No it’s not advisable at all. It’s the same reason we don’t feed babies plain water. Their little bodies cannot handle it. Don’t worry. If you mix 90ml of water with 3 scoops of milk powder, you’ll realise that it makes 100ml of milk:)

Actually when you mixed 90ml of water to the fm, the mixed formula milk would be 100ml or more. Dont have to intentionally add more water, its safer to to follow the formula instruction.

Is it because your child don’t drink much water? If yes, this may be one of the ways to increase his/her water intake. As long the number of scoops is the desired amount.

Hey, Better not to dilute and follow the instructions on the pack. As dilution might dilute the nutrients of the milk as well

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Not advisable lah. My LO also drinking 100ml then I put 3 + 1/3 scoop. But my husband dun care one. He just put 3 scoops 😅

It will dilute the milk overtime will diarrhoea so best dun.. Just follow according to the can pls

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According to my PD, better not to cause u will be mixing up the nutritional value of the FM

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Any reasons why?? I will dilute only when child is having cough.. and above one years old.

Can,i do it most of the time, especially when i notice the bowel movement is not the usual

2y ago

Hahaha that’s great. Cause the old folks told me it is not advisable as this will cause LO to have digestive problem. Which I think it illogical as the pd advised so. -.-