How much ang bao would your give fil's mistress? She told husband "please inform ur wife that she needs to give angbao to me too since u two are married" ??? Ps: she isint a nice lady Im married for 3 yrs and had my first kid last yr but she didnt give me angbao during dating neither did she give angbao to my child during cny. And she is legally NOT my mil!!!

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I hope your husband gave her a logical reply when she said that to him! As she is not married to your FIL, there is zero obligation to give her. If she is looking for acceptance/acknowledgment from you both, that’s not a smart way of doing it. Your husband should let his dad know what she said too and tell him how it made him and you feel. I know it’s not easy for us to talk to our parents like this but it lets your FIL know that both your husband and you are NOT ok with this nonsense.

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I would not give at all. Like you said she is not nice and why will she ask your dad to tell you to give her money like this. It doesn't sound right. I will tell my husband to settle his portion since this is his father's mistress but I won't give a cent. Besides if she is the cause of your husband's family issue all the more I won't give as I don't respect people who break up others family

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$2 with a super big angbao, put your child's handwritten well wishes/drawing for her. Not like you didnt give, but it show her where she stand. She cannot be mad with your child's effort right? XD

Be honest and let your dad know nobody can replace your Mother and it’s really up and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t give an Ang POW to her.🙄

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As a respect, i would give maybe $28? I also would not want to make my FIL's life difficult nor they would make my husband's life difficult also.

Maybe u should tell ur husband to tell her u still owe me cny angbao for my child, after u give then can talk 😂

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Just give the minimum... anyway think of it as a donation. Whatever you give out will bring goodluck to you 💕

Since she's not legally your mil, i can't find any reason for u to give her. Why bother giving when she's so greedy.

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He just wanna pleased his Dad... that's all.

Ask her to step aside. From what you write I don’t see any respect give to you from her. So why should you?

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None. How old already still “demand” for angbao. If give, maybe give one gold coin - for good luck. 🙄