How many times one should have sex in a week to call it a healthy sex life?

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sex is a personal thing and depends from couple to couple. some do it multiple times a day and remain the same way for years, while some do it maybe once or twice a week and feel it is enough for them. i would say that if both of you are in love, the physical connect is something that should come naturally, and not be restricted to a certain number of times. do it whenever you both want to do it :)

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putting a number to how many times you want to have sex with your partner is not a good idea, at least to my mind. i don't think this is what a healthy loving mature relationship should be like. instead, go for it whenever you feel like and if your partner is not initiating it, you make the move and get your partner excited and in the mood.

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having sex each week, multiple times a day or any time that you both feel like doing it is good :) as long as you both are attracted towards each other and want each other, i feel it is get to decide the number of times you do it ;)

i think a healthy sex life is one where both partners are attracted towards each other and do it as many times as they both want :) it is a personal thing and i don't think one can put a number to it.

Lol! Nice question. I, too, want to know the answer for curiosity sake, as in my case I do not even remember when last I had sex. So, no matter what the number is, I am nowhere close. ;(

NO need to look at number's, do it whenever you both want to. That can be multiple times a, in a week. Enjoy doing every time something new :)