How many times a month should a married with kids couple be having sex? Is there a minimum amount of times a month?

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i don't think anyone can put a number to how many times you should have sex with your partner whether or not you have kids. unless either of you has a health issue, i don't think why it should be restricted to a particular number. if you share a healthy happy and loving relationship with your partner, the desire to have sex should come naturally, and not be about how many times you should do it.

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I don't think there's a minimum amount of times a month, just make sure that you are connected with your husband and are communicating openly between yourselves about your needs etc :) It's also all dependant on how often/frequent you want to, and your husband wants to as well.

There's really no number as to how many times a couple should have sex regardless if they have kids or none. What is important is that they should be responsible individuals to know what's the best and safe time to do it.

We have at least 2 times a night ( before sleeping ( but after my kid sleep)and early morning( before kid wakeup) ) each day. And sometimes we have more .. whenever we get a chance😉

It depends on the couple. It really doesn't matter how many times since kasal naman kayo. I guess it's about family planning that you should be talking about with your husband.

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no minimum as long as both of you want to, it's part of your marriage life as husband & wife kahit pa me mga kida na kayo..

it depends on the mood oh well we do it 3x a week or 3x a day during sunday since my parents will come and get the kiddo

Have sex all you want. There's no minimum. But it's difficult to have sex daily especially if you're both working.

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Number is not important. You can have sex once a month yet be very loving and supportive of each other.

No minimum. Kami ni hubby we do it as long as may chance. We’ve been doing it for 3 nights now lol