How many of you out there have MILs like mine? One who always talks a lot and asks a lot of tactless questions? I have been exclusively breastfeeding my baby girl fr day one right up till now - she is turning 8mo this weekend. LO is growing well. But MIL likes to irritate me by asking this since a few mths back. "Do you have enough milk for her?" Recently, I had to attend a company event and we had to leave LO over at her place for the evening. I started having low supply of bm after a bout of flu n cough after taking medication... so i had a tin of fm on standby. She kept asking, "you don't have enough milk is it?" what am I trying to rant here? I did not leave my LO looking all skin and bones. She is one very happy and cheery and chubby baby. So I find it ridiculous that MIL keeps asking me if I have enough bm. So now I standby a tin of fm... then she asks again. Isnt it obvious, that you standby because you indeed do not have sufficient that day? She is always asking the obvious and I do not know what she achieves by asking. Not like she can provide the breastmilk if I don't have enough. Not like she can do something or anything abt it. Not like I would want to discuss my milk supply openly with her. My hubby was quite irritated and even replied, yes she produces a lot. surplus. u want? for ur coffee?

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My mil also said a few times "oh u no more milk already?" when my hubby was telling we will stop bf soon which is like my bb is more than 8 mths. The reason is I'm just too tired and is getting too skinny due to bf.... and I always keep at least 3 weeks stock in freezer so that if I really stop bf, bb still have 3 weeks to transit to formula. Then mil will compare like her daughter bf for 2 years etc. Then we told her pd said 1st 8 mths will b good enough coz bb needs nutrients from other food source... then we will say oh your son in law very stingy, dont wan to waste money to buy milk powder so your daughter needs to keep on breastfeeding loh... then she shut her mouth...

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Im sorry to hear. You muat be really frustrated. Try to speak with your mother in law. Maybe if you speak to her politely. Perhaps your mother in law means no harm. Hard to say. Haha. You should talk to your husbamd about this as well. Tell him how you feel. If possible for him to speak with his mom instead.

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I stopped mine by asking her "you want to drink?" As for my mum she used to asked if baby was still latching and I asked her "you want to latch?"

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Oh Suzanne, too funny lah you! But my mil will prob reply "you got enough then I take". For the most recent time she asked me, I pretended not to hear and just fiddled with my bag and phone because she asked me like every week lately? my mom on the contrary has never ever asked me about my supply or whether I still DL or not. Coz if I don't, I will feed her fm and not starve her. Common sense right?