Milk Intake & Breastmilk Rant

My LO is 3.5months and is taking 170ml every 3 to 4 hours. She is no longer taking any night feedings so about 6-7 feedings in a day. She is on mixed feedings since birth. For some reasons, my LO's weight seems to be increasing quite a lot. She is 7.7kg, but her height does not seem to have increase much (9cm since birth till now). Am I overfeeding her? Additionally, as her milk demands increases, my milk supply remained stagnant. Now I have to combine more pump sessions breast milk into 1 feeding for her which starts to make me even more discouraged, like I pump so much but only enough for her to drink 3 feeds. It makes me very discouraged to continue pumping as I am the only caregiver (husband works in essential line) and I still have to work from home, and take care of her, pump milk and wash all the things. I feel like giving up.

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Hang on mummy! I know it's not easy. When my baby is 3 month old she's taking 180ml 3 hourly. Did not sleep thru the night very accurate with her timing. You're not over feeding your baby different baby intake differently and grow differently too. My baby weight was 80 to 90 percentile from birth to 8 month. She suddenly slim down alot due to teething drop to 40 percentile. Now she's 13 month back to 70 percentile. Her height has always been 90 percentile cos her daddy is super tall. Not to worried to much as long as baby hit all milestone happy and healthy will do. You can try to taking some milk booster food or clear your boobs whenever you're free. Dragging or skip a pump session will cause milk supply to drop too. The more you clear your boobs the more milk it can produce. Don't give up jiayou!

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2y ago

My baby is above 97th percentile, which is why I am getting a little bit worried.

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I bottle fed my baby half a feed and then finished off by latching during the first few months when my milk supply was low. My LO is 9mo now and I'm still breastfeeding her. I used to pump 3 times at work too. But during CB i just latch her, havent been pumping. Latching more will definitely boost mill production.

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2y ago

My LO always choke whenever I latch her on, like the milk flow is slow then she will try to suck non stop and then got choke, so I usually bottle feed her instead to ensure that she is drinking normally.