How many of you have "nannycams" to keep an eye on your helper while you are at work?

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In my personal opinion, if someone's not doing anything wrong, then there should be no fuss about being watched as a precautionary measure. They offer a security and protection for your home and for your kid, so I wouldn't be surprised to see that a lot of people use them.

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I do have a camera at my place when the nanny is alone with my child. While she is pretty trustworthy, I somehow feel more assured when there is some form of surveillance

I do. Even though i bring my kids to work with me. I still install cams to monitor the kids while i'm my room busy with something else. Nannycams are also something as a backup if things happened, you are able to find a reason.

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For security reasons, yes. I've placed hidden cameras in my baby's room and public areas of the house – like the living room, kitchen and dining room.

unless its for your child safety i hv always been against CCTV to keep an eye on helper its mean try build relationships hv trust