How many of you mummies out there pump 5 times a day and still maintaining milk supply well?

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It highly depends on how old your LO is and what your goal is :) Our supply takes at least 8-12 weeks to regulate, meaning you have to be consistent on latching/pumping every 2-3 hours (even during the night) through the first 2-3 months before your body knows how much it needs to produce and how often. After that, how much you need to pump also depends on how much and how frequently LO drinks, as well as whether you're exclusively pumping or latching too! It is highly recommended to keep up to your LO's feeds, whether you're latching or pumping. If you're a exclusively pumping mum and LO drinks every 3 hours, then you probably have to pump every 3 hours too - always remember that demand = supply. No demand (either by pumping/latching) = no supply. If you're a working/studying mum, or if your circumstances don't allow you to pump so frequently, then you can compromise with lesser pumping sessions BUT longer ones to ensure you empty the breast well :)

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I pumped 3 hrly in the first month and skip the middle of night pump. Slowly dragged to 4 hrly, 6 hrly and only 2 pumps a day, and still oversupply, donating to other babies as well

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i think it depends on how old your LO is...i remembered when i was working and still breastfeeding..i pumped 2 - 3 times a day, and latch 2 times a day..

Yes, though it takes a while to see the effects. But important to stick to a schedule and be consistent. Always remember to massage your breasts!

I work so I have no choice but to pump up to 5 times a day. A try to do the night feed DL, but all other feeds are pumped feeds.

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Yes. Milk so much supply that LO can take one or two baths with the breast milk at the end of each week. feeling blessed