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Hi mummies, need some help I do try latch my 8 days old baby but unfortunately it doesn't turn out well... I do managed pump out 5 oz of colostrum for her to drink but is there a way to pump breast milk without latching baby... Will supply fades off if we don't latch... #advicepls

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Hi mummy, congrats. My newborn is currently 2 months old and my baby is fully bottled-fed. I dun latch my baby. I do pump my breast milk out and put in bottles. I usually will pump 4 to 5 times a day, every 3 to 4hours depend on my schedule, but during night at i will sleep through the night and start to pump when i my breast feel full or when my baby wake up for milk. Sometimes i will pump at least 5 to 6 times, every 2 hours when i am more free. I will do 1 or 2 power pump per day to manage my supply. For power pump, i will pump both side for 30mins, rest for 10mins, pump 10mins, rest for 10mins and pump for another 10mins. I also eat lactation cookies to boost my milk supplies. Hope this help!!😊

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No worries. Gald that it helps you.😊

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hi mummy! congratulations to your newborn! don't stress out yourself too much at this point. do take care of yourself. there are some mummies who do exclusive pumping which means they don't latch their babies. our body works on a supply and demand mode when it comes to producing breast milk, the more our lo latches, the more our body will be able to produce.

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