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My baby is turning 1 soon. It's difficult to just pat him and let him sleep by himself. We uses baby cradle/yaolan at my mother's place and uses baby carrier at my in-laws' place to make him sleep/nap. Should we be training him to sleep without the cradle/carrier? Any tips to make your babies/toddlers sleep/nap?

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Baby is still young - assuming you mean 1 month - and loves to be near you (warmth, familiar smell, heartbeat, movement etc is all so familiar to when they were in the womb). Just so what works for your family. Sleep isn’t changes all the time. I feed to sleep/nap or carry to sleep as it works for us, also baby falls asleep so quickly, no need to sleep train as long as you can manage!

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Can try to use the sleep to dream sleeping bag.

3y ago

Oh, like swaddle him, and then pat him to sleep?