How many here did the baby 4th month drooling ceremony? We just did it and the two bottle of wine in the back is for us parents to celebrate the milestone ;)

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i did it for all my 4 kids too. i only prepare stuffs for the ceremony and nothing for us as parents. well, this is just a ceremony or belief and we all know that it is not accurate ... but still we r following.

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6y ago

It's ok to have a glass of wine when breastfeeding. Check with Doctor. Just need to wait 2-3 hours so alcohol is gone from blood stream

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I did just a simple one, marie biscuits with the drumstick :) Oh ya, we as the parents is not allow to eat the drumstick lick by the baby before. Do take note for the rest ya!

Might not be related to the question per se, this is the first time I'm hearing about this ceremony! I googled to learn more and I find it super fascinating :):)

yes . for my gal also. will tie up the marie biscuits and put around bb neck

Yes.. Marie biscuits, Prawn, Chicken drumstick, Beancurd and 1 vege..

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I didn’t. But maybe I can try for my current Lo

We did it! Loads of fun - great memories