Hello mummies! Is it necessary to buy a bottle steriliser? I mean can we just put in hot water to sterilise just like our own mummies did back in the days?

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I didn’t think it was necessary to get a sterilizer since our parents just put in hot water (even my sister did that). I’m a little lazy and thought ok, maybe I’ll just get the steamer kind! In the end, I am so glad that I had a UV sterilizer (a gift from friend)!! It save us so much time and effort. I can just put every thing in the sterilizer and it will dry+sterilize the bottles for me while i deal with the lo! As the sterilizer capacity is big, we can sterilizer 5 bottles, 2 sets of pump accessories, pacifier and small toys - you can just leave the stuff inside like a storage too! When you don’t need to sterilize baby’s stuff, you can sterilize you mobile phone and/or other stuff too! So if u ask me, I think it’s good to have - at least for me!

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2y ago

What brand is your UV Sterilizer?

It is okay to have no steriliser and boiling the water which is time-consuming when I used to take care of my girl alone. But then again, having a steriliser is much more convenient. I initially used Phillips Avent Steam Steriliser but found it a hassle to dry the bottle on a drying rack (you can use it even though it is not dried but I preferred it to be fully dried before use) and then got a Haenim UV Steriliser instead and had been using for more than half a year and definitely one of my best buys

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I personally prefer to use steam sterilizer for bottles and pump parts. For first time use I boil the items in a pot of water but it can be time consuming. It's too much effort for me to do it everyday via a pot as I'm the only caregiver to my baby in the day and I cant watch the pot all the time. I didn't get a UV sterilizer as I didn't think it would by necessary but I know my friends who swear by it since it is even more convenient than steam sterilizer.

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its way time saving and effortless to use steriliser. Esp when you have to breast pump and all; lots of equipments, bottles, teats to wash and etc. Been using Haenim UV. works well, and can throw toys in to sterilise!

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u sure can just use hot water and boil. but using a steriliser saves so much time especially when sterilising pump parts ans lots of bottles. some sterilizers can even dry, so it really saves alot of time

It's ok to use boiling water. I have been doing that for the past 8months. The only negative point is that I need to boil water many times a day (each time I need to sterilize)

I used water to boil for 9 mths. Each time need ard 1hr. Just switch to steriliser as do have so many bottles to sterilise daily. So do not want to waste water and electricity.

less troublesome. just wash ur bottles and dump then in the sterilizer. u will have a lot of things to do. let the sterilizer help u out in some sense

Ive a friend who does that! But steriliser is more convenient as you dont need to prepare anything and can just put it in anytime after you wash.

It’s more convenient to use steriliser. There’s timer setting so you can leave and set timer while working on something else