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Hi mummies, ftm here. Those thats using phillips avent bottle(not the anti colic one), at which month did your baby need to start using the 260ml bottle ? My baby now drinks 120ml and the 125ml is already like swee swee and the next bigger bottle of avent is so big and tall (260ml). Just wondering how to bring out cause takes up so much space and like weird baby still small but bottle so big (‘: #firsttimemom

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My baby used Philips avent natural response bottle since birth. I changed to baby express bottle as it’s compatible with the Philips ring when she’s 6 months old. She is now 8 months old and still drinking 120~150ml. So it’s not really necessary for us to have the 260 bottles.

My #1 uses Avent Classic/Natural started to use the 260ml at about 3/4 months if I recall correctly. Make adjustments to the milk intake and bottle teats. My #2 uses Avent Anti Colic and she change to 260 ml also at 4/5 months onwards. However milk intake at 180 ml only.

My baby drinking 110ML and I’m using the 260ML bottle hahaha. I just change the teat according to his demand. Reason being, it’s easier for me to grip when the bottle is bigger and it doesn’t really take up that much space compared to the smaller bottle tho.

My LO is turning 2yo at the end of month but I never got a chance to use the 260ml bottle cause her intake never went past 200ml 😂. I used autumnz bottles (210ml) with avent’s cap.

3mo ago

Yup! Cause I overbought for storing breastmilk and since the cap works, why not right (and it’s cheaper!)😂