How do you manage the logistics for traveling on 8hrs to Sydney when you are pumping exclusively (perhaps need to pump at least once) and baby takes only ebm? Is beast milk allowed on hand carry at Australian custom?

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Ahhhh... Im not too sure. However, i never had an issue with expressing. I get very frustrated with the electronic pumps. At times i hand express till i got the hakka pump. So not sure how your flow is like with the medela. You can also try to massage your breast every now and then for better flow.

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Maybe pump using freemies at ur seat? Go toilet put it on and then pump at ur seat then go toilet to remove it then come back ur seat to transfer the milk? Because toilet ain't the most hygienic place but if u are at the window seat or u can do it discreetly at ur seat then I guess it's ok?

Ill use the hakka pump, no wires or anything extra needed. You can use it under a shawl and its really fast. The hakka pump is cheap as well. You can buy it from carousel.

5y ago

Hi thanks for suggestions. I bought Haakaa, it's not doing anyway after I cup it n squeeze the "body" of the device. Any tips?

Hi chew, what you mean by unable to do it? You mean its not having any suction?

5y ago

I meant it's not doing anything* (typo). Suction was very weak and no flow, perhaps I'm used to hospital grade pump? (I'm using Madale pump in style advance)