pumping and traveling

Mummies, checking on how to do you all manage overseas trip incorporate with pumping?

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It depends where you are going. Taiwan is a bf friendly country with ample public nursing facilities so I had no problem pumping while out. Also, I stayed in an airbnb apartment so there was a proper fridge for milk storage.

5y ago

You might want to check online if there are any nursing facilities in the malls. If not your best bet would be using Freemie or planning your day trips such that there will be time to go back to the hotel to pump.

Then maybe you just want to use that? I used the Hakka when I was on the move as I found it troublesome to look for a plug whenever I needed to pump.

5y ago

Wow - I wish I had known about the Haakaa pump! When I was still breastfeeding, I lugged around my Medela PISA (that looked like luggage) everywhere I went.

pump on the go is the best thing ever. alternatively you can try to use the Hakka pump. have you heard of it?

5y ago

i intend to bring my cimilire F1...

Carla, you should try the Hakka pump. it's really handy. It's cheap too :)