How do you let your children feel that they are secured and loved by you aside from telling them you love them?

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I agree with the hugs and kisses. For young children, it plays a big role if they feel your warmth through hugging and kissing. Even adults love the feeling of being hugged by our loved ones.

Ask them small questions everyday and do many playful things with them. If they are sad, always cheer them up saying that it is not the end of the world

Lots of quality time and bonding with them. Be there for them. Be it falls or minor accidents from cycling or playing.

By playing with him,hugging,kissing and spending time with him..and always saying I love you..:-)

Hug and kiss. We also spend quality time together. And whenever my baby needs me, I attend to her needs.

Be there for them. That they can be safe when they tell you their problems.

Always hold their hands and hug them. Samahan mo din sya sa paglalaro. :)

Spending time with them (quality time, no distractions) and hugging them!

Hug them more often at correct eye to eye contact will help a lot.

Hug and kiss. Plus always saying I love you