How to keep baby from running around outside? We plan to travel out of singapore soon and I am scared she's going to get lost. Has anyone tried wrist leashes?

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along with this, please teach her where is she from and one of her parents contact number. one of the first things she learnt once she started to talk. I would also wrote down my mobile number on her hand (not palm) in big fonts whenever stepping in crowded/public places. you can also keep a paper with contact numbers in her pocket. just to be on a more safer side

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i feel that wrist leashes is so much better then bag leash. It's available in Kiddy Palace. At least with wrist leash, we get to hold our kids hand, IF they wriggle out of our grasp, the leash is still there as a precaution

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Have bought but not yet use. it's good for kids whom will walk away without your notice. Especially during travel, it's safe and good to use if you have more kids to handle outside.

A great idea and one that's definitely worth a try. Please let us know if you have success and recommend!

I would definitely try! Really a good idea. Thanks for sharing

Never tried. But good idea.

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