How do I keep my wife happy?

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As a woman, we have simple joys. I still believe that the top 3 factors to maintaining a strong and happy relationship are Love, Trust and Respect. Aside from these 3, I believe in having regular date
I always make time for a date night with my wife, ideally once a week or at least twice a month. My wife love to watch movie .So I will let her choose the movie that she want to see.She will satisfy a
People say women are complicated but the only thing she probably just wants is you and your love. Just love her and she'll be happy.
Give her time, go out with her. Apart from being together at home, take her on surprise dates. Be it to a coffee shop or to a movie, theatre. Appreciate little things she does for you. Sometimes, coo
Introduce her with some compliments. Ask her how you can help. Bring her to watch movie or dinner. Show her that you appreciate and grateful for everything she do.