I just had a baby and I feel very 'unsexy' and I hate that my husband thinks my now larger breasts are super-hot. It turns me off especially because I'm breastfeeding my 6 month old. How do I deal with these feelings and how do I also strike a middle ground and keep my husband happy as well?

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Any way to get you in the mood? Watch porn?

ohh god!! hmm same goes to me. mube after birth bby, then give he breastfeeding, my breast will losse. So sad,

Hi, I believe talking straight to your husband about your feelings will really help as both of you will come on same page then

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An honest discussion with him about how you feel might work wonders! You are experiencing huge changes to your body and I feel he should be understanding of it.

i feel the same too. ever since i started breastfeeding, my breast are no longer a sexy item as it's constantly leaking and painful. i spoke to my husband about it. he understands me. he tries to avoid that area. We do more foreplay to get into the mood

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I feel that too especially during breastfeeding, weight gain and constant fatigue. my husband is very understanding of it but I often feel bad. So I use it as a way of thanking him for being supportive, understanding and not being pushy. its only for awhile and it makes your husband happy. so try it!

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